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Board of Directors

Ms. Vasudha Mishra, IAS, Chairman
Managing Director, National Cooperative Development Corporation

Dr. U.S. Awasthi
Managing Director, Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited

Shri Balvinder Singh Nakai
Independent Director

Shri Devinder Kumar
Independent Director

Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh
Chairman, Bihar State Cooperative Marketing Union Limited

Shri N.P. Patel
Chairman, Gujarat State Co-op. Marketing Federation Limited

Dr. A.K. Padhee, IAS
Director, Madras Fertilizers Limited

Shri K.V.Sathyanarayana Reddy
Director, Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation Limited

Shri A.M. Tiwari, IAS
Managing Director, Gujarat State Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited

Shri Prem Chandra Munshi
Director, Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited

Smt. Sukriti Likhi
Managing Director, M/s The Haryana State Cooperative Supply & Marketing Federation Ltd.

Shri. M V Rao
Managing Director, M/s The West Bengal State Co-op MKTG Federation Ltd.

Smt. Reena Kaishing
Independent Director, New Delhi

Shri. V. Sathyaseelan,
Chairman, Kerala State Co-operative Marketing Federation Ltd,

Dr. P.S. Gahlaut
Managing Director, Indian Potash Limited

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