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The total volume sales of all products during the year 2013-14 is 6.91 million tones is 23% lower than 8.94 million tones achieved in the year 2012-2013 which is a substantial reduction. In line with the trend seen in the country as a whole, there is a decline in the sales of MOP/SOP as well as DAP.

IPL has achieved Revenue from operations at Rs.15032 crores which is substantially lower, when compared to the turnover of Rs.19791 crores achieved during the previous fiscal 2012-13. The decrease in turnover is mainly attributed to decrease in the fertilizer subsidy of P & K and reduction in the quantum of sales primarily due to substantial reduction in the import of Di- Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) as well as pile up of stocks in the market.

The Company has earned a Pre-tax Profit of Rs. 158 crores and Net Profit Rs.107 crores as compared to Rs.328 crores and Rs.251 crores during the previous year respectively.


Balance Sheet 2013-14

Profit and Loss Account 2013-14

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